Fibonacci Poetry

On StumbleUpon, I recently found a collection of Shelley Batts’ work that demonstrated Fibonacci Poems. I was instantly intrigued by this new form, which relies on the Fibonacci Sequence. If you’re like me, this is a familiar but extraneous remnant of your middle school knowledge, but it’s fun to play with the form and think about things adding up as you move along in the poem–it adds a natural momentum that you can see as well as hear. While the examples I found applied each number in the sequence to the number of syllables per line, I chose to focus on each number as the amount of words I could use per line.


then two
then three more
and over and over again
until I’m outlined on sheets of loose leaf,
my life whittled down to seas of spilled ink, the graphite boundaries loose
and shifting like sand, each slant a mountain, each dip a holler, each pink smudge attempting to hide my heart’s topography.


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