Clapping for the Wrong Reasons

I’m a big fan of Donald Glover. He’s super-talented in everything he does, be it his comedy or his rapping alter-ego Childish Gambino. The man can do little wrong in my book. I feel like he’s a very intelligent celebrity, he’s got a great eye for the world around him, and he doesn’t seem to think of himself as a higher power because of his fame. He simply leads his life and moves on. I respect the hell out of that mentality, so any time I can get a view into his brain I tend to jump at the opportunity.

He released a short film entitled ‘Clapping for the Wrong Reasons‘ recently, and I watched it tonight hoping to get a better glimpse into the world inside his head.

Clapping for the Wrong Reasons

I’m honestly not sure what to think about it. It’s beautifully shot, features some great beats (is that some new Gambino I hear?!?), and stars some really cool people (Topanga!). However, to say that I fully understand what is going on in the video would be a lie.

There are a couple recurring elements that consistently interrupt the flow of Glover’s/Gambino’s (hereafter referred to as G/G) day in the film: the phone calls and the girl that nobody knows. There seems to be a somewhat loose connection between these two elements–confusion about identity. The woman on the phone (from some collection agency, I believe?) is looking for someone she mistakenly believes is G/G; similarly, the girl that pops up throughout G/G’s day is mistakenly attributed as a guest of several of G/G’s guests.

Other than this grasping-at-straws connection, I can’t find too much of a ‘purpose’ in the short film other than to demonstrate a normal day in the life of G/G. And I’m perfectly alright with that.

Check out Donald Glover’s tumblr for a better peak into his brain, including a link to a recently released track called Centipede.